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What are 4kBC's Terms of Usage?

Question: How much are the videos? And can I buy them?
Answer: Every video on this page is available to view 100% free of cost. 4kBC will not sell any format of any video featured here unless it is under the express ownership of 4kBC.com. However, some the owners and creators of certain videos may have DVDs or VHS available for purchase on their websites. We encourage you to check them out and consider purchasing content as it helps those ministries continue fighting the good fight!

Question: Can I embed your videos directly to my site?
Answer: Absolutely! Bandwidth isn't free but God has allowed us the resources to spread the word and we intend to do so! You can use the Embed script found on any video or audio on the right-hand side of the screen to embed videos directly into your site.

Question: Can I download and repost your videos?
Answer: Yes. Though we built 4kBC.com to be more of a hub for videos on Creationism and hope that one day it will be the go-to site, it's more important that people receive the message by whatever means they can receive it. Keep in mind that you are allowed to embed videos and stream directly from our servers or share on a number of social media sites. But if for whatever reason you feel you need to have a video on your page and hosted on your server please feel free to do so.

Question: Do you take donations or do you need money to help operate the site?
Answer: Absolutely we do. So far, we've avoided putting up any advertisements or donation links but we could always use help with costs associated with running the site! Please email us at the email address below to set up a PayPal payment.


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